domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

Some new about my GVFS Google Documents Backend

Just a short entry about my Gsoc project "Nautilus: add Google documents support". So as I am now in summer vacation (studying in chile for one year), I found some time last week to carry on my work on my GVFS backend. It is still missing a few things and robustness, but it hopefully should be mergeable in this cycle. Actually the reading/writing isn't fully functionnal so it's not yet open to public test.

I am now going to Brazil for vacation for one month, but I promise, afterward I will fix this issues, and then would like to find people to test it and report bugs, if it's possible ;).

Just a little reminder if anyone wants to help me developing/reviewing the backend (we never now ;) )

Hopping I can send you interesting news quite quickly!

3 comentarios:

  1. Great to see that this is still being worked on. Thanks!

  2. Cool that such advanced backends are being worked on; it's a shame the very basic ones (DFS+CIFS (a regression from gnome-vfs), FTP+SSL) are nowhere to be seen...

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