viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Working for Collabora Multimedia :)

This month is my first month working (part time) for the multimedia team at Collabora. I think you all know about this company which is specialized in open source softwares particularly in Gstreamer and all majors Gnome/Freedesktop technologies.

So I am now working on GStreamer related technologies and in particular on PiTiVi to make it rock more and more!

I am very glade to be part of this team and am looking forward the good time I am going to have hacking as a multimedian :)

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Pitivi master finaly gets effects!

So as suggested by the title, the work I did during the Google Summer Of Code has been Merged! It means that the next Pitivi release which should arrive quite soon will gain effects.

I haven't been blogging for a long while so sorry about not telling you what was happening but I did it in order to make a surprise :P

Now that it is merged, you are very welcome to test it and report all the bugs you will find so we have a great release soon to propose the world.... with effects!

Sorry for not making a screencast but as you can test it quite easily, it shouldn't matter so much ;) (and nekohayo is telling me he should make one soon)

As I enjoyed a LOT working in the pitivi community during this summer, I am going to keep working on it in my free time fixing the bugs you are going to report. And of course I am planing to enhance effects support and add features such as keyframes handling...

And just a little screenshot so you can have an idea about how the UI looks like now:

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Pitivi get effects, part 6

Sorry for not blogging in such a long time!

Now that I am back in chile afer the GUADEC, I have finally been able to hack again on Pitivi. So has I said during my presentation of my project during the GUADEC, I implemented everything I wanted to. So I am now working on debugging everything, cleaning code, and even if I have a few remaining critical bugs (which could probably be bugs in gnonlin), you can use it for testing purposes.

I also started to work on a new branch[0] in order to save the undocked windows state, but since I found new bugs on the effect implementations, I am working on them.

So for now I don't have a screencast, but I promise I will make one when I can show everything working smoothly.

You can give it a try if you have the latest gstreamer from git using my git repo[1]


jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Great time at GUADEC

So as you may know, last week took place GUADEC and I am one of the lucky guys who have been sponsored by the Gnome fundation to take part in it! I spent a great time there and finally could meet all the people I have been working with those last two years!

So I wanted to say a big thanks to all people who organized this great event, and all the sponsors.

See you all at GUADEC 2011 in Berlin!

lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Pitivi get effects, part 5

I didn't blog for almost 3 weeks but it doesn't mean I didn't progress with this project. I thing it actually means more that I prefer to spend my time on coding than on blogging!

Last week was pretty full because of the end of the semester but tomorrow I have my last examen for university. Next week I am planning to go skiing so it may not be the week I will be hacking the most, but anyway, I will code!

The UI is almost the same as the mockup I showed you last time apart from the key-frame thing since I am not sure I want to do it this way, and because I want to have effects stable before implementing this feature.

So for now the UI looks exactly like:

What is working:
  • Adding effects
  • Configuring effects, the UI is generated automatically depending on the effect property so all effects are configurable. But there is also a system which will permit to create a special UI for more complicated effects.
  • Enabling/disabling effects even if a few bugs still remain concerning it
  • Removing effects
What doesn't work:
  • Seeking, right now when I add an effect and try to seek, it always go to the first frame of the video. It is a pretty critical bug on which I am actively working, and that's the reason why I didn't do a screen-cast (sorry about that). When this is solved, I will make a screen-cast and post it here for sure.
  • Drag'n drop directly to the effects list. This is almost nothing but I want to fix the first issue before implementing it.
  • Keyframe based effect configuration
  • Saving/opening projects containing effects. I have already started this work but it is still not working. It should be done quite easily.
So I don't miss so many things to complete the plan I had made for this Google Summer of Code, but the idea is to get something almost bug free and merge and release it (something I have been told should be possible quite soon... I hope :))

I also wanted to talk about a tool I use for refactoring python code called 'Bicycle repair man'. It permits to rename variable/classes very easily and this through all python files of the project, cut functions into several ones and make the proper calls, and probably much more but those are the two features I actually use and abuse. I use it inside vim and noticed a real gain of productivity and style.

The code is still available in my GIT repository here:

Hoping I can show you a screencast of all that and tell you that I need tester soon.

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Pitivi get effects, part 4

I didn't blog for almost 2 weeks now because I wanted to have something interesting to say before saying it!

So the last 2 weeks I started an experimental branch to handle effects in the timeline and of course corrected all the bugs I found during this time. Then I rethought this design with nekohayo and got this pretty cool mockup from him:

So as you can expect, I am now implementing that. I already rewrite the effect list and it looks the same as you can see in the mockup. And I am working on making effects being per clip or per track instead of being considered as clips themselves. This should actually be pushed by the end of the week.

So afterward I am going to work on this new middle section for clips properties and effect configurations. I think I will get it working in the next two weeks. I am quite in advanced on the planning I proposed for the postulation but this is a good thing because I am still at university and may have to spend more time for it in the coming weeks.

You still can grab my latest code here and play with it!

viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Pitivi gets effects, Part 3

This week I have been debugging everything and I final (Thanks to my mentor Edward Hervey) got effects working!

So better show you how it works for now. It is still quite buggy, and not really ergonomic, but it is the beginning!

Here is the video (of course edited in Pitivi and using effects!):

You can grab the code here if you want to give it a try even if it's not ready for production...
So next week I am going to clean up the code and of course fix the bugs I find. If I have time, I will start working on the UI part.

[Edit] I tried the only website I found that permits to upload ogv files in order to use it with the video tag, but it seems no to work well. So you can find the video here and in better quality here

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Pitivi is getting effects, Part 2

Here is my second report about the implementation of effects in Pitivi. I am going quite well with this project, and I now have almost everything ready to be able to add effects to videos. The dragging of effects to the timeline is almost ready, but I need to work on it a bit more to be able to show you a screen-cast! I hope it can be done next week.

Sorry for this kind of useless post, but I just wanted to tell you I make good progress, and I should be able to show you more soon!

You still can have a look at my git repository

viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

Going to GUADEC

Thanks to the Gnome foundation for sponsoring my travel to attend to this year GUADEC

I am looking forward to be there and finally see the people I am working with!

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Pitivi is getting effects, Part 1

Here is the first report about my Google summer of code project. I have been working quite a lot on it for the last 2 weeks! So here is the summary of what have been done so far:

  • Code reading, analyze of Pitivi architecture (Thanks to the pitivi wiki)

  • Some reading about Gstreamer to understand better the way it works

  • Creation of my git branch to start working on effects implementation

  • Implementation of the core Pitivi modifications to be able to create effects (With unit tests)

  • See how I can implement effect files as described in my Gsoc application, and discussions about it in the Pitivi community. We actually didn't take a fixed decision about this for now.

  • Creation of the UI to show the list of effects detected thanks to the gstreamer registry (the list was already retrieved in Pitivi)

  • Some talking to know how this UI should be done. I will need to talk more about that to the Pitivi community to take a good decision about how it should look like. For now, it looks like:

I am now working on drag'n droping effects to the timeline.

That is all for now, and I will give you frequent news about how things are going.

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

I have been accepted for the Google Summer of Code 2010

I haven't blog for a long time since I had other things to do. I really wanted to participate in the Google Summer of code again, and I have actually been accepted in the Gstreamer community! The project I am going to work on is called "Permit pitivi users to add effects to the videos they are editing". The main goal is to permit to add all kind of effect easily in Pitivi and implement the most important ones.

I want to thank everyone who is responsible for the Gsoc, and my participation in it! I also want to thank and say "Hello" to Edward Hervey who is going to mentor me during the project and to the whole Gstreamer and Pitivi community.

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Presentation of a programing course of Python (and other Gnome related technologies) I am now teaching

I wanted to talk about a class (Taller en español) of Python I am teaching now in the University of Playa Ancha in Valparaiso (Chile).

First I want to share with you the great tool I found to make presentations which is Inskape with the JessyInk plug-in. It lets you make presentations in SVG format quite easily, and I personally find the result pretty satisfying! I am using it for all my presentations now, and obviously for the ones I am making for this lesson. Here is a good introduction to jessyInk, I also found a good video tutorial to help you starting with this plug-in. I actually didn't know anything about Inkscape before this, but with this video tutorial I learned fast and I am now able to make presentations with those tools.

The video tutorial to start with JessyInk

I also wanted to share with you the content of this class, so I created a git repository on github containing my presentations (in Spanish) and the examples which go with the course.

I didn't find anything similar so I decided to do it myself hoping it can be useful for other Spanish speakers! And you are of course encouraged to improve it, translate it and correct my mistakes.

sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

Good news about the Google Documents Gvfs Backend

Just a quick post to say that I am back working on the Google documents GVFS backend, and that Google announced this week that they are going to let people uploading any kind of documents to their service. This should mean that using my backend you will be able to actually save any kind of document on the cloud via the Google documents service! I personally think that it makes the backend even more useful!

Please be patient as I (hopefully) should be able to have something stable quite soon!