martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Pitivi get effects, part 4

I didn't blog for almost 2 weeks now because I wanted to have something interesting to say before saying it!

So the last 2 weeks I started an experimental branch to handle effects in the timeline and of course corrected all the bugs I found during this time. Then I rethought this design with nekohayo and got this pretty cool mockup from him:

So as you can expect, I am now implementing that. I already rewrite the effect list and it looks the same as you can see in the mockup. And I am working on making effects being per clip or per track instead of being considered as clips themselves. This should actually be pushed by the end of the week.

So afterward I am going to work on this new middle section for clips properties and effect configurations. I think I will get it working in the next two weeks. I am quite in advanced on the planning I proposed for the postulation but this is a good thing because I am still at university and may have to spend more time for it in the coming weeks.

You still can grab my latest code here and play with it!

viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Pitivi gets effects, Part 3

This week I have been debugging everything and I final (Thanks to my mentor Edward Hervey) got effects working!

So better show you how it works for now. It is still quite buggy, and not really ergonomic, but it is the beginning!

Here is the video (of course edited in Pitivi and using effects!):

You can grab the code here if you want to give it a try even if it's not ready for production...
So next week I am going to clean up the code and of course fix the bugs I find. If I have time, I will start working on the UI part.

[Edit] I tried the only website I found that permits to upload ogv files in order to use it with the video tag, but it seems no to work well. So you can find the video here and in better quality here