martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Pitivi get effects, part 4

I didn't blog for almost 2 weeks now because I wanted to have something interesting to say before saying it!

So the last 2 weeks I started an experimental branch to handle effects in the timeline and of course corrected all the bugs I found during this time. Then I rethought this design with nekohayo and got this pretty cool mockup from him:

So as you can expect, I am now implementing that. I already rewrite the effect list and it looks the same as you can see in the mockup. And I am working on making effects being per clip or per track instead of being considered as clips themselves. This should actually be pushed by the end of the week.

So afterward I am going to work on this new middle section for clips properties and effect configurations. I think I will get it working in the next two weeks. I am quite in advanced on the planning I proposed for the postulation but this is a good thing because I am still at university and may have to spend more time for it in the coming weeks.

You still can grab my latest code here and play with it!

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  1. ... and of course you're aware that this specific look and layout of controls is patented by Apple?

  2. @Anonimo: go troll elsewhere. Software patents are bullshit. If you believe in imaginary propriety, then *everything* in video editing is patented. Besides, I'm pretty sure that Adobe or Avid would have patented the color wheels a long time before Apple.

  3. This is definitely a screenshot of FinalCut used as a mockup. Not what it will look in the end. So no need for a flamewar :-)

    As a casual FinalCut user myself I have always found the keyframe editor (that small thing above the color wheels with the relatively huge amount of screen space wasted by scrollbars) a paint in the ass to use. I wish pitivi would sport a nicer keyframe editor, maybe one that automatically scales in Y direction, or something like the time slider in fspot or zeitgeist maybe. But trying to move small pixels (the keyframe icons) one pixel up or down was driving me nuts in FinalCut.

    Nice to see that video editing on Linux is heading somewhere though! Rock on :-)

  4. @Anonimo: sorry for having been rude earlier. Indeed, it's just a random cropped screenshot that I put there as a "placeholder" in the mockup, so it's not intended to look *exactly* like that either.

    And yeah, vertical scrolling sucks. Will try to keep it decent (I'm having some pretty contradictory/insane design requirements... like having a netbook-friendly design while not being modal/not using dialogs, etc.)

  5. RE: go troll elsewhere. Software patents are bullshit.

    Nice touch.


    Everybody is mature enough to make his own decisions and stand consequences. Just be careful - the last thing you need is a patent cease and desist letter regarding the stuff you love to do.

    Oh, and the link above is wonderful document. Very entertaining reading, at least for a technical person inside the industry.