miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Pitivi master finaly gets effects!

So as suggested by the title, the work I did during the Google Summer Of Code has been Merged! It means that the next Pitivi release which should arrive quite soon will gain effects.

I haven't been blogging for a long while so sorry about not telling you what was happening but I did it in order to make a surprise :P

Now that it is merged, you are very welcome to test it and report all the bugs you will find so we have a great release soon to propose the world.... with effects!

Sorry for not making a screencast but as you can test it quite easily, it shouldn't matter so much ;) (and nekohayo is telling me he should make one soon)

As I enjoyed a LOT working in the pitivi community during this summer, I am going to keep working on it in my free time fixing the bugs you are going to report. And of course I am planing to enhance effects support and add features such as keyframes handling...

And just a little screenshot so you can have an idea about how the UI looks like now:

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  1. Great ! Thanks for your job !

  2. Fla-ttr-bu-ton! Fla-ttr-bu-ton!

  3. Hello.

    Thanks vor your very good job. :)

    I have 2 questions:
    - Is it possible to define start and stop time of each effect?
    - This feature support all GStreamer filters?

  4. @korbé:
    * It's not yet possible to define keyframes so start/stop time of each effect, but you can just cut the clip and add the effect to the clip you want to define it.
    * Yes it supports all effect filters generating automatically the configuration UI

  5. Ah, you can't define "I won't title from 00:00:00 to 00:01:00" and "transition effect between this video and this video" ?

  6. You could do it cuting the clip so you can have an effect from 0 to 00:01:00 and the for transition, you should use transition instead of effect which is different. We have only a simple transition implementation for now. You can also work around for this, cuting you two clips where you want you 'transition' to happen and had the corresponding effect to those 2 peaces of clips.

    Hoping that's what you meant ;)

  7. Well the main thing I wanted for pitivi was to be able to change the color balance and contrast and thats there so congrats. Are there any plans for more effects soon?

  8. very very interesting!!!

  9. Thank you very much!!! Love it and look forward to it!!!