domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Pitivi get effects, part 6

Sorry for not blogging in such a long time!

Now that I am back in chile afer the GUADEC, I have finally been able to hack again on Pitivi. So has I said during my presentation of my project during the GUADEC, I implemented everything I wanted to. So I am now working on debugging everything, cleaning code, and even if I have a few remaining critical bugs (which could probably be bugs in gnonlin), you can use it for testing purposes.

I also started to work on a new branch[0] in order to save the undocked windows state, but since I found new bugs on the effect implementations, I am working on them.

So for now I don't have a screencast, but I promise I will make one when I can show everything working smoothly.

You can give it a try if you have the latest gstreamer from git using my git repo[1]


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