viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Pitivi is getting effects, Part 1

Here is the first report about my Google summer of code project. I have been working quite a lot on it for the last 2 weeks! So here is the summary of what have been done so far:

  • Code reading, analyze of Pitivi architecture (Thanks to the pitivi wiki)

  • Some reading about Gstreamer to understand better the way it works

  • Creation of my git branch to start working on effects implementation

  • Implementation of the core Pitivi modifications to be able to create effects (With unit tests)

  • See how I can implement effect files as described in my Gsoc application, and discussions about it in the Pitivi community. We actually didn't take a fixed decision about this for now.

  • Creation of the UI to show the list of effects detected thanks to the gstreamer registry (the list was already retrieved in Pitivi)

  • Some talking to know how this UI should be done. I will need to talk more about that to the Pitivi community to take a good decision about how it should look like. For now, it looks like:

I am now working on drag'n droping effects to the timeline.

That is all for now, and I will give you frequent news about how things are going.

5 comentarios:

  1. very good! thank you for coding :)

    I hope pitivi will have more transitions soon and a way to select only a part of a clip to drag in the timeline

  2. One thing, get rid of Name: and Description: and just make the name of the filter bold.

    Oh and good luck! :-)

  3. HI!

    Just wanted to say that it's a great app. The version I used had no effects, but still... :). Hope to use them soon.

  4. Pitivi is great! Keep up the good work! I've created some videos with it which were uploaded to Youtube!

    Pitivi's interface is really friendly!

  5. Just want to say this is one of the main apps Linux has been waiting for.

    Fantastic work! Thank you.