martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

PiTiVi 0.14 "No longer kills kittens"

The PiTiVi team is proud to announce the immediate availability of our new 0.14 release, with major new features, bug fixes and usability improvements. We hope you can use and enjoy the improvements in PiTiVi 0.14, and report bugs you may encounter (bugs are a fact of life! Help us hunt them out!).

Some of the major new features deserve to be enhanced in here such as:
  • Audio and video effects: with PiTiVi 0.14, it is now possible to add all the effects provided by GStreamer and some other libraries, which, depending on what is installed on your system, means "a lot". The user interface for managing those effects will improve in future releases.
  • Ability to preview video, audio and image files before importing: the file chooser dialog now lets you directly preview the files you want to import. This is pretty useful when you don't remember the name of a file you wanted to import, or when you're just "looking around" for media to use in your project.
  • Welcome dialog: when starting PiTiVi, a startup assistant now helps you load recently used projects in two clicks or create a new project. Don't feel like using this dialog? Just click its Close button or press the "Escape" key on your keyboard. However, we trust that this little fella will make you much more efficient, not less. We hate useless windows. See also this post, for some explanation of the design process that went into this welcome dialog.
...And more. See the full release notes for a more exhaustive list of goodies.

This release cycle has been very eventful. As the list of contributors reveals, lots of people got involved in the software development. I also want to thank all the people who worked hard on translating PiTiVi in a timely manner and reporting localization issues.

We are now entering a new cycle on the road to maturity. Four students are working full time on PiTiVi this summer, thanks to the Google Summer of Code program, and we will try to increase the general development pace to keep the great momentum we had in the past few weeks. Stay tuned for another blog post on how we plan to achieve this!

To celebrate, I personally wanted to do some dogfooding by making this little video, with the additional constraint of using only footage coming from my own camera (no, I am not a video artist!):

But this is for sure, not the best PiTiVi can do. See our showcase page for examples of videos we found to be aesthetically interesting, and feel free to submit your own! Post links to your videos in comments, and if they're really cool, they could end up in our showcase! ;)

13 comentarios:

  1. it's awesome!!! thanks!!!.

  2. Very nice!

    But is there a way to remove sound easily? For example sound can be captured by a camera but I may want to remove it to publish the video later.

    In addition I would like to add titles in videos for decomposing them into many scenes. This is very useful to introduce concepts through a video (think about scientific videos). On the Pitivi website I saw that someone has started to work on that. What is the current state of this?

  3. Yes, it is possible to remove the sound very easily (unlink the clip, and remove the sound track)

    Titles should be implemented during this Google Summer of code. For the time being it is pretty simple to create images with gimp or inkscape and add them in the video as title. This is what I did with the video and it works pretty well (not optimal for sure though)

  4. Please make titles copyable with cut-n-paste.

    i.e. if I could create a subtitle in a given font for 3 seconds, it would be wonderful to be able to click on the timeline later on, ctrl-v to add a copy of the title, and quickly change the text... many times, easily. Only Win XP Windows Movie Maker has allowed that so far!


  5. Congrats on the new release. Any chance of a Windows build?

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