miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

PiTiVi 0.15 is out

The PiTiVi team is proud to announce the 0.15 release. This will be the last release using the "traditional" core/engine of PiTiVi. The next releases will be based on GStreamer Editing Services (GES) and should thus depart significantly from this release in terms of performance, features and stability.

Jean François did a great screencast that sums up what has been done during the last 2 years:

He also published the video of the 2011 desktop summit and PiTiVi/GES hackfest for your enjoyment:

All those videos are also accessible in HTML5 versions on the showcase page.

Thanks to everybody who made this release possible!

2 comentarios:

  1. Great Great work guys (especially the transformation feature) !!
    Keep up the good work, I am really beginning to be more and more convinced by your approach.

  2. Hi, Just wondering whether you are the copyright holder of the picture of the two halves of the Nautilus shell copyright H.Thibault entitled " My Nautilus Shell - Two views combined" that was hosted on Picassaweb.

    If so I am interested to discuss what the royalty payment would be to use the image. Many thanks, selwyn@sherring.net.